Introducing the Select Access Program for 2020!

Select Access FAQ

We want to make EasyShift a better place to earn income and based on your feedback, we'd like to introduce the new "Select Access" program!  How does Select Access work?  On the 1st of each month, we will take all the shift activity from the past 60 days and place all the shifters who have a 20% or higher submission rate into our Select Access group - this group will have early access to select campaigns that run throughout the year.  This will help reduce over-reservations of shifts and the number of shifts that go to expired while providing more opportunities for our active shifting community!  We understand it is a conscious decision to abandon shifts and would like to thank all of those who take the time to do it.


1) What is Select Access and how do I qualify?


The shifter population that maintains submission rate of 20% of all their shifts or higher will qualify for Select Access!

Many of our active shifters already qualify and will be notified of their qualification within the first few days of the start of the month.


2) Does abandoning shifts affect my standing? 

No it does not! Abandoning shifts is great - We understand that our shifters won’t be able to do every shift they reserve and applaud those that make a conscious effort to courteously abandon their shifts, however, letting shifts expire does count against you!


3) If I don’t qualify for this period, does this mean I won’t see any shifts?

Not necessarily – we will only be using Select Access for specific campaigns and even if the campaign starts with Select Access, oftentimes we will open it up to the full shifter population at some point during the campaign.


4) How often is the Select Access group updated? 

The group will be updated at the 1st of every month with the last 60 days of shifter data.  For example, the February 2020 list will contain the data from December 2019 – January 2020.


5) Will the threshold always be a 20% or higher submission rate?

We are starting it at a 20% or higher submission rate to make it easy to be part of Select Access and plan to raise this threshold at some point in 2020 depending on the results and feedback we receive.


6) I am new to EasyShift, how does this affect me? 

Generally, the campaigns that we will use for Select Access will be the more difficult shifts that can be overwhelming or very complex for new users – As mentioned above, we will open access to the full population of shifters for many of our campaigns.


7) I accidentally let a shift expire, am I disqualified?

 It depends on how many shifts you’ve completed – for example: if you reserved 10, submitted 5, and let 5 expire, that would be a 50% submission rate, so you would still be eligible for Select Access!


8) How do I check my shift history?

You can click on Profile > History to see the shifts you've recently completed, abandoned, or let expire.  Unfortunately at this time we do not have a full summary - please be sure to reserve the shifts you intend to submit or abandon them!


9)  Help, I can’t do the shifts that I reserved, how do I abandon my shifts?

 Please see our article on this at:


10) Can I lose my standing from the Select Access Group?

 Yes, you can lose your standing from Select Access if you do not qualify during the 60 days prior to the 1st of the month – In addition, any accounts that have excessive expirations will be reviewed and potentially removed from that month’s Select Access group.


11)  Why did EasyShift decide to start the Select Access program?

EasyShift has always been proud to provide the flexibility to earn income to our community.  However, some users take advantage of this flexibility and over-reserve shifts or simply reserve many shifts and never submit any at all.  We looked at the statistics and the shifter population that has a 20%+ or greater submission rate contributes more than 95% of all shifts submitted across the platform.

We want to ensure the system is fair for our community by rewarding their actions while being able to deliver on our commitments to our clients quicker and with higher quality.



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