Sports Drinks & Water Audit FAQ

Hello!  If you haven't already read the 2019 Beverage Aisle & Display Check FAQ, please read that as well!


1. So, what's the deal with these Sports Drinks & Water Audit shifts?

We're happy to announce that we are doing a new type of shift!  These shifts start on Sundays and end Saturdays - we will reset the stores list every week for a total of 6 waves.  If we are able to make our targets on store visits, then we may have more of these shifts in the future!

Remember, the more stores we can complete with high quality, the more likely these shifts will return soon. These are very easy if you follow the directions! 

2. What's different about this shift from the Beverage Shifts? 

While it is the beverage shifts aimed to capture all beverages in the entire store, the Sports Drinks & Water Audit Shifts target specific categories.  These are much smaller & faster shifts than the Beverage shifts, so if you felt those were too long/large for your tastes, give them a try! 

NOTE: Although we want specific categories, be sure to capture the FULL COOLER with BOTH sides (if 2-sided), not just one side or just 1-2 rows of the cooler.  Many shifters have been rejected for this.  Think of the logic as "This cooler has 25% of the contents as sports drinks, 10% as water, etc." And the only way to measure that is if the entire cooler is captured!

Also, these will reset every week, unlike the beverage shifts which had the same stores for a full month - there will be 5 top shifters paid out per week who complete the most shifts.  Please see the contest information at the bottom!  That also means the shift pricing will reset every week!

What to Capture

3. What do I need to capture in this Shift?

There are several categories we are looking for in these shifts!

Sports Drinks - these are beverages whose stated purpose is to help athletes replace water, electrolytes, and energy before and after training or competition.

Brands include:

  • Powerade
  • Body Armor
  • Gatorade


Flavored Enhanced water - a category of beverages that are marketed as water with added ingredients, such as natural or artificial flavors, sugar, sweeteners, vitamins and minerals.

Popular brands include:

  • Vitamin Water
  • Propel
  • Bai
  • Monster
  • Sobe Life Water


Sparkling Water - fizzy/carbonated water, with or without added flavor.

Popular brands of Sparkling Water include:

- La Croix
- Dasani Sparkling Water
- Bubly
- Perrier
- Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water

Unflavored Premium Water  - higher-end or higher quality water marketed with higher/purer quality. These will cost more than basic water:

Popular brands include:

- Smart Water

- Evian

- Fiji

- Voss

- Essentia

- LifeWtr

- Core

- Aqua Hydrate



  • Aisles:
    • All aisles that contain Sports Drinks, Premium Water, Flavored Water, and Sparkling water!
  • Displays:
    • All warm displays (e.g. end caps, side wings, pallets, stacks, etc.) for these categories
  • Coolers
    • All front-end beverage coolers (e.g. at front end of the store, by checkout lanes, etc.) for these categories!

**NOTE: Capture the ENTIRE cooler if at least 1 of the categories is present - other shifters have been rejected for cutting off parts of coolers!  If it has 2 sides, be sure to capture both sides every time!

4. What do I NOT capture in this shift?

Please DO NOT CAPTURE the following (in aisles or displays)unless they are in the SAME cooler or SAME aisle as the correct categories:

  • Wine or Beer
  • Liquor aisles or displays
  • Basic Water
  • Energy Drinks
  • Soda
  • Dairy
  • Coffee Drinks


If any of the categories we are looking for are mixed in the aisles/displays with other categories, that is OK!


Photo Training: Warm Displays and Coolers

5. So, what exactly is a display?

A display is any secondary location where a product may be stocked, outside of its home aisle location. These come in many shapes and sizes. Importantly, when you capture these displays, we need to see ALL products on them, so don't miss a side! 

These can be end-caps, aisle stacks, side wings, pallets, etc. 

The below picture is an end-cap display, for context. 

6. What if the beverage cooler has doors?

Many beverage coolers have doors.  If the cooler has doors, you MUST open the doors to photograph the products inside them - this isn't optional! We put your photos through image recognition software, and closed doors cause glare (making the product impossible to see). Additionally, there is often marketing material  or decals blocking the product facings. So open the doors and capture the ENTIRE cooler!

Many shifters have had success by doing the following:

  • Propping the door open with their foot and then taking a top and bottom picture of the products inside
  • Holding the door open with their hand (and doing the same thing)
  • Sometimes the doors lock open, so you can step back and photograph it one photo
  • Enlisting the help of a shifting buddy to hold the door open for you - just make sure you split your earnings with them ;)

7. Are the cold AISLE doors considered a display?

No! The cold door aisle (usually around the perimeter of the store) is considered a primary location. For these the Sports Drinks & Water Audit shifts, we WILL NOT be capturing these.

8. Can I capture all the beverage displays in one question? 

No! All warm displays should be captured in a separate questions. This is important for a few reasons.

1) Each display has an incentive amount tied to it. The more you find, the more you will make!

2) Our client requires separate reporting of each standalone display.

When capturing standalone coolers and / or warm displays, simply click "confirm" in the app question to then move to the next question, and find the next display. 

9. How do I properly capture a warm beverage standalone display? 

Remember, the goal is for our Client to see ALL products on each display and these are often multi-sided (as they can be set up in an aisle). As such, you must capture each side of a display in a head on manner. 

Example of multi-sided display:

Side 1: 

Side 2:  

Side 3: 

Side 4: There is no visible side 4, so no need to capture.

If you cannot fit the entire cooler/display into 1 photo, please take several photos – 1 capturing the top half and 1 capturing the bottom half.

Example of top half photo:

Example of bottom half photo:

... you would also capture all sides of this display :) 

Please be sure to show an overlap between the two photos, so we can see that everything has been captured.

10. What if there are multiple displays touching each other? 

Treat them as one display. In this category, it is common to see multiple displays directly next to each other.

Below, you'll see an example of two fixtures touching each other. Capture them both in the same question (as ONE display)!


Use this general ruleIf you cannot walk through it, capture it as one display, in one question!

Warm Aisle Training

11. How do I properly capture an aisle? 

Remember, the goal is for our Client to see ALL products in the required category (warm beverages) in the aisle. We know aisles can be long, but it's important you capture the full categories from end to end, and all of the aisles with the categories in them! You will want to take a bit of product overlap in your photos. This is required for our images to be stitched. 

We recommend two photos per aisle section (top and bottom), but if you can get all products in one single photo, great! Just make sure to be consistent down the entire category with your photos. Below is an example of taking three photos per section, all the way down the entire aisle (for a different category, obviously).

Three photos per section is probably unnecessary, but it illustrates the point (notice the overlap!).

An example of two photos per section, all the way down the aisle...



12. What if while capturing the warm beverage category, there is a different category in the middle of the warm beverage sections?

We frequently see other category products in the same aisle sections (e.g. basic water may be mixed in with Sports Drinks). That is OK! CAPTURE THESE TOO! Even if there is a shelf with a different category on it, continue down the aisle until you’ve captured all of the products in the warm beverage category, from top to bottom of the physical aisle.  We've got to see the entire shelf sections to approve your shifts!

The below is an example from the pet category, but the same idea exists for the warm beverage category.


13. When should I start and stop my category capture in an aisle? 

We want you to capture the entire CATEGORY, not necessarily an entire Aisle. Remember this! If there is a different category leading the aisle, then the relevant category you are looking for in the middle of the aisle, then another irrelevant category ending the aisle, you ONLY need to capture the relevant category! We don't want you taking unnecessary photos! 

Example: Sports Drinks & Premium water turn into Protein Bars - we don't need the protein bars!

14. Can I take angled photos of the sections in the aisle? 

No! It is very important that all of your section photos are head on, and not angled.

To take a head on photo, your camera must be directly in front of the section you are capturing. If you are taking a lower section photo, rather than shoot it from the top down, please crouch down for lower level photos to ensure they are head on.

Make sure you have enough room to avoid items in the aisle. We know there are often standing fixtures, displays, and odd shelves that can make parts of the aisle narrower. Keep the same distance from the shelves for the entire set section.



Other Important Topics

15. What if I take photos in the wrong tasks?

This stinks, we know, but unfortunately, we will have to reject your shift. An example of this is if you take the warm aisle as a warm display, or a standalone cooler as a warm aisle, or a warm display as the warm aisle, etc.

If you read the directions, you will be fine, we promise!

16. How does the pay work for this shift?

In addition to the base pay for the shift, there is an incentive for each cooler, aisle, and warm display found!  Generally speaking: The more aisles, coolers, and displays in the store, the higher your payout will be!

Note: The incentive and base pay will vary by retailer.

For example, if the base pay is $6 and incentives are $0.20 per display, if you capture 5 coolers, 4 aisles, and 11 warm beverage displays, the total pay would be calculated this way:

($6.00 base) + (20 incentives x $0.20 each = $4) = $10.00.

This is just an example, not the actual payout! Larger stores will have many more aisles & displays, so that equates to a higher payout.

**NOTE: If you capture basic water or energy drink displays, you will NOT be paid for them (unless they are mixed in with the categories that matter)

17. What happens if I get asked to leave by store personnel?

Sometimes store employees will ask you to leave if they’re uneasy about you taking photos. This is OK. If this happens, please be respectful and polite and leave the store. We will compensate you for your work.

You can click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the Shift details, select "Unable to Complete Shift," and select “I was asked to leave by store staff.” You will then be paid for the amount of work you have completed unless you have met your "kickout quota" for the month (three per month). 

18. How will this Shift be quality assured?

We have a machine learning software that helps us detect statistical outliers in the number of displays and products captured in a store visit. Because of this, we know quickly if the store was "under-collected," and in that case your data will unfortunately be rejected :( 

Forgetting about this software for a second, it's also very obvious when a part of a store has been under-collected. As example, if there are only a few displays captured in an entire grocery store or Walmart (especially the front-end beverage coolers), we know that this store has been under-reported, and your data will likely be rejected. 

We hate rejecting data as much as you do, so our ask is simple, please collect all the beverages in the store :)  Just remember, if you collect everything requested and the photos are good, you will be paid! 

19. What additional support will we offer? 

We're here for you! We will be actively monitoring the forums, adding to this page if any topics need more clarity, and also putting out additional training content. We have a basic tutorial video below - give it a watch!  

20. Will there be any contests for these jobs? 

Yes!  For every wave (1 per week), we are running a contest that pays the TOP 5 Shifters per weekShifts are tallied at the end of the wave and are based on the number of shifts successfully approved (not including kickouts or store closures). Winners will get an extra $30 bonus!   There will be a total of 6 waves - meaning the total contest winnings can be up to $180 for a single user.

Watch the forums and shift notes closely for contest updates!


Early Access Contest Details:

Starting Week3, Maintain a 70% submission rate vs expired shifts and qualify for early access to day 1 of Week4 shifts! Pricing for the early access event will be in the "mid-range" vs entry job pricing!  Abandoning shifts does not count against you! Be courteous and abandon shifts for others to do if you aren't able to do them and be rewarded!

Example 1:

  • Shifter reserves 6 shifts
  • Submits 4 shifts
  • Abandons the 2 that they aren't able to do
  • Submission vs Expiration rate: 100% Qualifies!

Example 2:

  • Shifter reserves 10 shifts
  • Submits 6 shifts
  • Forgets to abandon the 4 that they aren't able to do
  • Submission vs Expiration rate: 60% Does not qualify


We hope these instructions were helpful! You will do great!


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