Refrigerated and Frozen Coolers Capture Shifts

Refrigerated & Frozen Coolers FAQ

1)  Do I capture every cooler in the store?


No - Depending on the shift, you may capture either frozen coolers, refrigerated coolers, or in some shifts, both.  There are areas of the store that are NOT in scope:

  • Front of store beverage coolers
  • Beer or wine coolers
  • Produce section (Fresh vegetables)
  • Prepared foods - sandwiches, wraps, etc.
  • Bakery, cakes, bread, etc.
  • Meat & Seafood butcher counters
  • Deli section
  • Ice

Note that packaged meats (self-serve) and pre-made sandwiches do count!


2) How does the incentive pay work for this shift?


The incentive pay is added on top of the base pay.  Some jobs require just aisle capture, and some request both aisles and secondary locations (displays).   

In addition to the base pay for the shift, there is a $0.20 cent incentive per aisle and/or secondary location (display) captured. For example, if you capture 10 aisles and 10 endcaps, the total pay would be starting base pay (assume it's $10) + $4 (16 x 0.20) = $14. Larger stores will have more aisles & displays, so that equates to a higher payout! 


3) Do I really have to open the cooler doors for this shift?


Yes, you must open the cooler doors to have your shift approved – if the doors are closed, we can’t see all the products due to glare or decals on the cooler doors and your shift will be rejected.  We send the images through image recognition, so not opening the cooler doors isn't optional.




4) How do I know what is an aisle vs secondary location/display?


The refrigerated & frozen aisles are generally lined up in a couple aisles in the store, and along the back walls of the store. Just like other shifts, endcaps appear at the ends of aisles, and count as displays. Standalone & Bunker coolers are generally in the middle of the walkways - these also count as secondary locations/displays!


Both open air coolers and curved coolers count as AISLES, not as secondary/displays, so be sure to capture them in the correct tasks! You can always refer back to the photo training in the shift if you are unsure.


5) If the shift is asking for secondary locations/displays, does it make a difference whether I capture refrigerated or frozen coolers in the correct tasks?


Yes, please capture all endcap coolers and standalone coolers regardless of them being refrigerated or frozen.


6) What if I can’t capture the full cooler in 1 photo?


Please split the cooler into 2 photos, the first capturing the top half of the cooler, and the second capturing the bottom half of the cooler.  If you have done a beverage shift in the past, please be sure to use the same techniques!  Be sure to overlap a row of products!


7) Can I capture all endcap & standalone coolers in one question?


Technically you can, but you wouldn't want to - they should be captured in separate questions because each endcap/standalone task adds more incentive pay to your shift!

8) What if the cooler wraps around a corner, do I stop taking photos and break it into another task?


Please continue to capture the cooler up until the aisle ends – the part where the next aisle begins will be considered as a separate aisle.


9) What if I take photos in the wrong tasks?


Unfortunately, we have to reject your shift. An example of this would be capturing refrigerated coolers in the frozen cooler section. Please be sure to check which task you are capturing coolers in.


10) What is the Leaderboard Contest?


The Leaderboard Contest is a contest we run periodically for certain shift campaigns.  There is NOT a leaderboard contest yet for this campaign.


11) I was asked to leave in the middle of my shift - Do kickouts count toward Leaderboard Contests?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. We will only count approved shifts that pass all quality control checks. Only completed shifts count - store not present, store closures & kickouts do not count toward the Leaderboard Contests!

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