We've Been Acquired!

Big news today! EasyShift’s parent company, Quri, is joining Trax Retail, the leader in computer vision and analytics for the retail and consumer goods industry. This is an exciting time for us all and we owe it all to you, our Shifters.

So, what does this mean for you? All good things! It means we will have a lot more work for you to do, your photos will flow through some pretty cool technology, and your user experience will only get better.

Our number one goal has been (and always will be) making Shifting easier for you. We truly believe that this technology will only support that and unlock a lot of new possibilities for our Community.

To answer any questions you may have, please see our FAQ below. We’re excited about this and we think you should be too!


Team EasyShift

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does this affect Shifters?
    • We expect the Shifter experience to be the same for the foreseeable future, and expect it to only get better over time.
    • As two industry leaders combine, naturally that means increased business. This means more work will come to you!
  • Will you continue to support EasyShift?
    • Of course!
  • Will the EasyShift name change?
    • No. The EasyShift name will not change.
  • How does this impact the EasyShift App?
    • We expect the app to function the same way it always has. Over time we’ll look to make functional changes to improve your experience (like we do today), but it should generally look and feel the same
  • Will payment structure be affected?
    • No, the payment structure will remain the same.
    • You should not feel a delay in payments. One of our key priorities has always been timeliness in payments and this will not change.
  • Will the amount of Shifts increase or change?
    • Yes, there will be more work to do. We see this as good news to you!
  • Will I have more competition?
    • You should not feel more competition than you already do today. Our crowd has always worked up to market demand and we expect the same to occur in the future.
  • Will there be different kinds of Shifts?
    • Yes, just like there are today. One thing you can expect is less individual UPC hunts and more full shelf picture sets. You’ll also see a lot of the same type of work you’re accustomed to today in terms of displays.
    • New Shifts will likely have more focus on photo quality, but don’t worry, we’ll support that through our app features and educational tutorials too.
  • Will any of the policies change?
    • With any change comes new minds, processes and ideas. That said, we will remain true to the core tenants of EasyShift: flexibility, timeliness in your pay, friendly support, and a commitment to high quality data to our clients.
  • What will happen to my user score?
    • Nothing. Your Shifter statuses will remain entirely the same as they are today.
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