Display vs. Aisle

“Data quality issue: Products pictured/accounted for are not representative of question(s) asked.”

If your shift was rejected for this reason, you accidentally mixed up a display with the home aisle.

For a little more context, there are two ways for consumer package goods to be merchandised: on the shelf or on a display. For our clients, there is a very important distinction between these two locations.

Most products typically have a “home aisle location” where they can consistently be found in every store. For example, if you walk into a grocery store looking for mustard, you can count on finding some in the condiments aisle. This would be considered the "On-Shelf Availability" for that mustard.

A display is a special arrangement of products being promoted somewhere in the store. Say there's a large selection of mustard positioned near the front entrance or on the end of the bread aisle. Those would be displays, since they serve a particular purpose in addition to the mustard home aisle location.

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