Nabisco Display Reference Guide

Nabisco Display Reference Guide

We’ve put together a guide for the “Cookies Display and OSA” Shifts you may see in your neighborhood. It should help you get in and out of the store as easily as possible, so let’s get started!

This Shift’s goal is to measure the total number of Nabisco-branded displays in each store. We ask you to thoroughly check all areas of the store for each display to ensure the information you provide is complete and accurate.

Previous Shifts identified some common scenarios you may experience within your local store. These examples are meant as a reference rather than a strict rule. Each store may be different, so please pay attention to the following areas where displays can tend to go overlooked:

Common Areas of the Store

Vestibule/Front Lobby -  This is the area or space between the first and second sets of doors upon entering the store. Sometimes Nabisco displays are pressed up against the walls or doors. Displays may also be right in front as you enter the store, so please keep your eyes peeled for any Nabisco branded cookies or cracker displays.

In-Aisle Display – shippers are often displayed within the aisles throughout the store. Most of the time the display will be on Nabisco branded shippers/hutches as shown below but could be on something else entirely. If so, we will still consider any shippers with Nabisco products as a display. Please ensure a thorough scan between the aisles is performed so these displays are not missed.

Seasonal Area – the seasonal area typically contains promotional products for the current season. A seasonal area may be found within one or more aisles, but it could also be located anywhere else in the store. Here are a few examples:

Produce Area – Sometimes Nabisco products are shelved within the produce area, like the Nilla wafers with the bananas in the examples below. Please make sure to search the area thoroughly just in case any Nabisco products are hiding with the produce. 

Dairy Area - In addition to the areas requested above, please ensure the dairy area is thoroughly checked for any Nabisco displays. Displays will most likely be placed near the milk section and other dairy products. These can include shippers, dump bins, and shelves of Nabisco products.

Front & Back Wall Area -  Your local store may have a wall of value at the front or back wall of the store where hutches are placed. Please make sure to check these areas for Nabisco. This area tends to be highly-trafficked and could have multiple displays bunched together. Nabisco displays could be grouped with other companies’ products:

Front Area Examples

Back Area Examples

End Caps

Aside from the areas noted above, please make sure Nabisco end caps are included in your Shift information. Products are usually displayed on a store’s front or back end caps. Stores may also have specific Nabisco end caps that only shelve Nabisco products and may include a Nabisco sign. Remember to search other areas of the store to capture other displays even if you find end caps. Stores could contain multiple relevant end caps and displays.


Please note, this Shift includes a few more required area and display photos compared to previous versions. We’ve found that these photos increase the overall quality of the Shift data and decrease the likelihood of a rejection. As such, please try your best to submit all photos as requested from the question prompt.

We’ve also increased the pay for this Shift relative to previous versions to make sure you’re properly compensated for the additional photos.


Thanks for your time and for reviewing this reference guide. We appreciate your work with us and we hope this provides clarity on how to perform the shift. 

Thank you!
EasyShift Team

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