Shift Availability

First, try refreshing the app by tapping on "Refresh Map." Next, adjust your Filters so that you can see reserved Shifts as well as available Shifts. If you see grey pins, this means other Shifters have already reserved these Shifts! Visit the app often to make sure you’re not missing out! Lastly, zoom out on the map or move the map to a big city.

If you’re still not seeing any Shifts anywhere in the United States after you refresh the map, it’s possible that there is a bug or we have closed your EasyShift account.

If you engage in activity that we believe indicates you are taking advantage of EasyShift, we reserve the right to close your EasyShift account and block the use of our app. Behaviors that may result in the closing of your account may include:


  • Intentionally submitting Shifts that are not at the required location
  • Using multiple accounts to manipulate shifts to have an advantage over other Shifters
  • Submitting photos that are not of the required products or subjects
  • Frequent submittal of fraudulent data
  • Intentionally submitting any other data known to be incorrect
  • More rejected Shifts than approved Shifts

If you feel your account may have been closed in error, please contact us at to discuss your EasyShift account.

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