Payment Problem

Please open the EasyShift App and review your PayPal account information.

Once you have reviewed the information you please follow the steps for each possible situation below:

  1. You did not add a PayPal email address in your EasyShift account: If this is the case, please see previous question titled “I forgot to enter my PayPal email address. How can I receive my payments?” for instructions and additional details on how to correct this issue and receive your payments.

  2. Your PayPal email address was entered incorrectly: Go ahead and edit your PayPal email address in your account. Once this has been completed, contact support and inform us that you had entered your email incorrectly, and have now updated it to the correct one. Once we receive your email, we will reach out to our payment team with a request to reissue your payment. Once you receive a response confirming a reissue request was sent, you should expect to see your payment in your PayPal account within 48 hours.

  3. Your PayPal email address is correct: Please contact support for further assistance. In most cases, if your PayPal information entered is correct, when we issued payment, it was denied due to a PayPal account error. This typically happens when you have not confirmed your email address with PayPal or you have not verified your PayPal account. We will confirm with you whether this was in fact the issue, and provide you with additional instructions on how to contact PayPal to correct the issue. 
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