What if the Pin on my map is different than the Shift address?

If the address or location pin provided by EasyShift appears to be inaccurate:

  • If you haven't yet arrived at the incorrect pin location, please complete the Shift at the correct listed address instead.

  • If you have already arrived at the inaccurate pin's location:
    • Skip to the storefront photo
    • Take at least three photos of what is at the pin's location
    • Note the experience in the notes of the Shift
    • Submit the Shift with an exception to be considered for credit

  • If the Shift is listed for a different US state, please submit the Shift with this error indicated in the notes so that we can get that fixed.

If you submit a Shift from a location that is not consistent with the details provided within EasyShift, your Shift may be rejected unless it satisfies the above requirements.

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