Unable to Complete Shift Before Reservation Ends

If you are unable to complete your Shift, there are two options available:

  1. Abandon: The option we recommend - By abandoning the Shift, it ends your reservation and immediately puts the pin back on the map and other Shifters will be able to reserve the Shift.

  2. Expire: Your second option is to let it expire. We highly suggest that you not allow your Shift to expire. When your Shift expires, it affects your EasyShift standing negatively. 

If your Shift expires while you are working on it, you will not be able to submit the Shift for payment.

We are unable to review any work completed for a Shift until it submitted. In other words, if you do not complete your Shift prior to its expiration time, you will not receive credit for your Shift, because it will appear on our end as if you did not complete any work at all.

TIP: We recommend starting your Shift at least 2-3 hours prior to its expiration time to avoid this situation. 

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