How do I reserve Shifts?

When going to the "Shifts" section of your EasyShift App, you will find a map of Shifts close to you. All of these Shifts are marked on your map with green and gray pins

The color of these pins will tell you the Shifts available and unavailable to reserve:

Green Pin: Available to reserve.

Gray Pin: Unavailable to reserve. (Currently reserved by another Shifter)

To reserve an available Shift, select one of the green pins and select "Reserve"


If you have been seeing more gray pins than green pins recently, you likely live in a area with a lot of Shifters, and they have reserved the shifts before you had the chance to.

View reserved Shifts in your area to see when they expire by selecting one of the gray pins.  Taking note of a reserved Shift's expiration time may give the opportunity to complete the Shift in the event the Shifter with the reservation is unable to complete it before the Shift's expiration.

PROTIP: We add Shifts almost daily. The best way to snag those opportunities when they become available, is to refresh the map often.

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