Poor Photo Quality

"Data quality issue: Photos submitted are of poor quality."

The images included in a Shift rejected for this reason did not provide us with the quality needed to meet the specific photo requirements for your Shift - we need to be able to see all the products in the aisle, on display, or in coolers!

Common reasons related to photo quality issues include:

  • Excessive blurriness in the photo
    • Be sure you focus the camera before taking the photo
  • Excessive darkness in the photo
    • Allow enough distance between the shelf to allow more light to come in
  • Excessive angles of the coolers, aisles, or displays (we require photos to be head on!)
    • For many shifts, we need head-on/flat photo angles.  For shifts that do not require this, it is still the best practice to capture aisles, displays, & coolers head-on.
  • Excessive distance from the coolers, aisles, or displays
    • Please be sure to capture what the task is asking for from a proper distance - if you cannot take 1 photo to capture the cooler, aisle, or display, then break it up into 2!
  • Excessive top stock/ceiling or floor space
    • Be sure to avoid capturing too much floor or ceiling space and focus on the products that matter!
  • Excessive blockage in your photos
    • The most common blocker is a person's finger...be sure not to cover your camera!

Please make sure that all of the photos you take are as clear as possible and address the corresponding Shift's instructions and you will do great!

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