OSA Photo Requirements

"Data Quality Discrepancy: Photo requirements for one or more OSA products were not fully met. If your shift was rejected for this reason, it is because you did not fully follow all instructions regarding how to take photos."

  • In most On-Shelf Availability shifts, there are three types of photos you may be asked to take:
  • One of the product
  • One of the shelf tag (if present)
  • One the shelf section where the product is typically found

Here are a few more details on each photo requirement:

“One of the Product”

  • If the product is present, you will start by taking a close up photo of the product. The photo must be in focus and it must capture the product in its entirety. We must be able to verify that the product shown is the correct size and variety we’ve asked about.

“One of the shelf tag (if present)”

  • If the product’s shelf tag is present, you will probably be asked to a photo of that next. We must be able to read the shelf tag, which is why the photo must be up close and in focus. As a best practice, make sure you are able to read the shelf tag on your phone before you submit the photo :)

“One head-on photo of the 4ft shelf section that contains the product so that the surrounding products are visible (Please capture the top & bottom of the shelf.)”

  • For this question, you are required to capture the surrounding products on ALL 4 sides: top, bottom, to the left & to the right.

When our clients ask us to collect data about the On-Shelf-Availability of one of their products, they are typically interested in this information: is the product present, and is the product’s shelf tag present? We must be able to verify all this information to them through the photos that you provide.

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