A Staff Member Asked Me to Stop/Leave the Store

If a staff member asks what you are doing while working on your Shift we encourage you to provide an explanation in a professional, courteous, manner.

In Order To Be Considered For Payment:

  1. If asked to leave by a member of Store Staff, respect their request and exit the store.
  2. Submit your Shift as incomplete:
    - Select "Submit" at the bottom of your Shift task list to continue to the "Exception Reason"page.

  3. When prompted to chose an option from the Exceptions list, select "I was asked to leave by store staff"

  4. Take the required amount of storefront photos when prompted.

  5. Submit your Shift

Failure to comply with this process, such as falsely answering all the question in the survey and submitting with notes, will result in no credit earned when asked to leave.

Note Each Shifter is permitted to submit 3 Kick Out Claims within the span of 4 weeks. Any additional claims will be automatically rejected. 


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