Walmart Cooler Check - Reference Guide

We’ve put together a guide for the “Checkout Lane Cooler Check” Shifts you may see in your neighborhood Walmarts. It should help you get in and out of the store as easily as possible, so let’s get started!

This Shift’s goal is to measure the total number of specific energy-branded coolers, or co-branded coolers in each store. We ask you to take photos of the tobacco lane, self-checkout area (if present), customer service area, and all the checkout lanes.

Disclaimer: We know this Shift can be challenging, due to the nature of the front-end section! Check out the best practices section at the end, to see what clever tips and tricks fellow Shifters use to complete this.  If you successfully complete this, know that you are amongst the Shifting Elite!

Previous Shifts identified some common scenarios you may experience within your local store. These examples are meant as a reference rather than a strict rule. Each store may have different cooler layouts, so please be sure to look carefully!

Examples of the coolers we are looking for:

Example of Co-Branded Coolers:

Example of GREAT(!) Checkout Photos:

Notice, these photos capture the aisle number and the end cap section of the register lanes, but also provide good visibility into if there is a cooler or not inside the lane. This is very important to our customer!

We have asked your fellow shifters for some of their best practices in completing these jobs:

  • Start shift in car and review each portion. Start in “general” registers, self checkouts that are least noticeable. As you do those keep eye out for the coolers. Do Tobacco & individual registers last as you’re on way out.


  • Start in car, then go to the self-checkout first. Speak politely and keep it moving. Smile and compliment employees. Phone in hand as if I am texting at same time. Always keep ear plugs in.


  • Start w/self-checkout lane and proceed down the line taking lane pics. When I see a cooler I want to take a photo of, I go to next task, then I come back to it after all lane pics. I pose like I’m looking at Tobacco to buy in that lane. I then come back to energy drink lanes. Jumping around tasks is only way to do this.


  • Go between 10-11AM on a weekday. Before this, all WMT employees on floor cleaning. After this, they’re on lunch.


  • I am always on the phone with my “idiot husband’s office!” He told me he wanted energy drinks but didn’t specify the flavor. I am pacing waiting for his secretary to get him. Eventually the discussion gets animated. I then start “sending” him pics of the coolers.


We hope this helps, as well as provides some comedic relief!


Best of luck and shift on!

~ EasyShift Support




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