Category Photo Shift Guide

Welcome! This guide will help you get a sense of how to properly photograph a product category. Let's use the Hand & Body lotion category as an example: 

Begin by identifying the first “Shelf Section.” One shelf section is typically 3-4 feet in length, and can be identified by the breaks in the shelves! (You may need to look closely to locate the shelf breaks).

It looks like there are 2 Shelf Sections of Hand & Body Lotion in this store:


And here's the second:


You will take 1 head-on photo for EACH shelf section that meets all of these requirements:

  • Each photo must be in-focus
  • Each photo must FULLY capture ALL shelves, including top & bottom
  • Each photo must be CENTERED around 1 shelf section
  • Each photo must show 1-3 adjacent product facings to the LEFT AND RIGHT

Here's an example:


Remember, each photo should be CENTERED AROUND one shelf section, with 1-3 product facings on either side. This means that most products should only appear in 1 picture, but some products on the edge of a shelf section should appear twice:


You might find yourself asking “what if I am unable to take head-on photos?”

If the aisles are too narrow for you to take head-on photos of each shelf section, you may a slightly angled photo. However, this should only be done as a LAST RESORT, and photos must meet these requirements:

  • Photos must be taken at an angle that LESS THAN 45 degrees
  • ALL top and bottom shelves must be FULLY captured
  • Each photo must be centered around 1 shelf section, including 1-3 product facings to the left AND right

Here's an example of a good angled photo:


Thanks for all your hard work, and happy Shifting!

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