Target Cooler Reference Guide

We hope to help get you in and out of the store as easily as possible while completing “Target Cooler Beverage” Shifts, so let’s get started!
This Shift’s goal is to calculate the total number of beverage coolers in each store. Please make sure you thoroughly check the entire store for each beverage cooler so your information is complete and accurate. You will be asked to approach each cash register in the store and take pictures of their associated beverage coolers, including the SELF-CHECKOUT and EXPRESS LANE registers. 

The appropriate register number for a cooler will typically be the register the shopper is directed toward as they access that cooler. For instance, if a shopper approaches Register number 7 to pay for an item and can readily grab a drink from a cooler from any part of the line, the register number to designate that cooler is #7.

Here are a few examples. Keep in mind that registers and coolers may differ depending on the Target store, and these examples are meant as a reference rather than a strict rule:

1) The cooler is NEXT to the register

Since the cooler is attached to register 9 and easily accessible to its shoppers, the register number for the corresponding question is ‘9’.

2) Cooler is ACROSS from the Register 

Notice the cooler is technically attached to register #9, HOWEVER, the cooler really belongs to register #8 because only customers approaching register #8 are able to access the cooler conveniently. Therefore, the appropriate number to input for this register is 8.

3) Cooler at the END of the Register

If a cooler is placed at the end of a Register and accessible to its shoppers, please input that register's number.


Separate Standing Coolers

Please treat each individual standing cooler as a separate cooler within the Shift.

Thanks for reading and for your great work!

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