Why wasn't I paid what I expected?

You'll see a screen like this when you submit a Shift that included a pay range:

What it means

That's our estimate of what you'll be paid based on the products and displays you identified in the store. If you mark a product as present, its incentive will be included in your estimated pay. If all of your responses are confirmed accurate, you'll receive the full estimate as your final pay.

Why it can change

That said, it's possible that your pay could change. If we identify incentivized responses as incomplete or incorrect, final pay could go up or down.

There are a few likely causes if your final pay differed from the estimate:

  • A product or display was marked present but was absent (or was marked absent but was present)
  • A product or display was noted incorrectly (different brand, quantity, etc.)
  • A display was indicated, but the product was actually shown at its home location
  • Specific Shift instructions were not followed

Let's look at a few examples

In each case, the Shifter marked the product or display as present, so its estimated incentive was included in that screen above.

For instance, a Shifter was asked this question: "Starting on the LEFTMOST side of the checkout area (including Self-Check-Out and Customer Service), please search EVERY checkout register for a refrigerated beverage cooler with Red Bull branding on the cooler."

Here's a photo provided in response:

Since the cooler is promoting Coca-Cola rather than Red Bull, it wasn't relevant to the question and the estimated incentive was wasn't awarded.

Here's another photo provided for the same question:

The problem? The question also contained the following instructions and example images: "Note: the branding at the top of the cooler can have multiple brands, but Red Bull must be present."

The cooler in the photo did not include the correct branding, so the corresponding incentive wasn't included in the final payment.

Here's a different question on a different Shift: "Is there another display of Dos Equis beer present in the store? Note: Please do not count products on the shelf in the normal beer section as a display."

A Shifter marked that another display was present, so its incentive was included in their estimated pay. Here's a photo provided as part of their response:

While Dos Equis is indeed present, it's shown at its home location and not as part of a display. Since the question asks for displays specifically, the estimated incentive was not awarded.

It's also possible to be paid more than the estimate

For example, a Shift included this question: "In the Mobile Accessories & Electronics section of the store, please look for the following product: Dock for Square Reader."

The Shifter marked the item as absent, and therefore the estimated pay did not include an incentive.

Later in the Shift, though, the following question was asked: "Please take 3-6 photos of the Mobile Accessories and Electronics section of the store.The Shifter included this photo in response:

The Dock for Square Reader is visible in this photo, so an answer for the original question was actually provided. The Shifter was therefore awarded the incentive for that product despite that incentive not being included in the original estimate.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, and happy Shifting!

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